Sensio Air – Design & Development Of Award Winning Health App

Sensio Air – Design & Development Of Award Winning Health App

Client Sensio Air, Services Branding & Design, Strategy & Marketing, Websites, Apps & Interactive, Industry Services & Technology, Region Lebanon, Created 2015,

The Brief

Sensio Air, a technology startup, had developed a groundbreaking and life-enhancing device that detects allergens (such as dust, grass, pollen and mold) and pollution in a user’s environment and surroundings. They needed a world-class companion app that could make this incredible technology shine even more so allergy sufferers could easily log allergy flare ups and monitor their environment.

Sensio Air – Design & Development Of Award Winning Health App
Sensio Air – Design & Development Of Award Winning Health App

The Solution

As tech lovers we were pumped to be part of this awesome innovation. We explored the device, conducted a lot of research on allergies and people’s allergic reactions to pinpoint the vital features and most important action buttons for the app, knowing that it had to be easy to navigate and as intuitive as possible to raise the chances of adoption. This resulted in a strategy that enabled us to create a world-class app that could track people’s allergy symptoms and warn them when it detected particles in the air that could cause their allergies to act up. Developing a native mobile application for iOS and Android, the backend was programmed to collect data from different environmental sources (220 sensors placed across the globe that measure environmental conditions like pollution and weather) and from Sensio Air devices used at home or at the office to generate the user’s allergy report. The app even helps people setup new devices and connects them like a breeze to their user’s account in addition to generating a report physicians can use to analyze allergy and pollution reactions.

An award-winning health app, dashboard and device! The technology was a great success and was featured in many articles in the international press and at CES 2018. Not to mention how happy we always are to be part of the success of startups that make a difference to people’s lives.

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