WonderEight Open Doors

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Sep 2013

Global branding, design and interactive agency WonderEight recently relocated its offices into the heart of Jisr El Basha’s industrial city.

WonderEight’s team of versatile individuals now has more room for design and creation, benefiting from a space where art experimentation, design and education come together to create the gestalt many designers dream of. This trendy and neat agency manages to cohabit in perfect harmony with its surrounding area, collaborating with industrial workshops for constant innovation.

Its atelier works as an inspiringly welcoming entrance and a display of creativity and research in the form of experimental prototypes. A DIY barbecue, an easily mounted wood bench and a towel hanger looking like a water tap are the first examples of many ideas waiting to see the light.

WonderEight’s new space also comprises a training facility for lectures and trainings and an open library with a wide selection of design books.

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