Zein Hamze

Art Director



“I come bearing cold coffee, crazy real-life stories, and the perfect way to bring your brand to life through shapes and colors.” ... Zein decided to start the year on a fresh note by joining WonderEight on the 1st of January, 2021. As one of the team’s creative minds, she has a knack for turning brand strategies into innovative campaigns and visual concepts that know no limit when it comes to audience or medium. And we really mean *no limit*, since Zein has managed the creative production of multiple accounts in sectors that span across Banking, Retail, FMCG, Technology, Medical, Health & Beauty, Public Sector, NGOs, Telecommunication... The lack of boarders is not just flagrant on her portfolio, since our Designer without Boarders has lived in Canada, Jordan, Morocco, Maldives and Lebanon. Who knows where she’ll be residing when you read this bio! One thing is for sure, she’ll be combining her design and social skills to define your brand and help it go global or local, depending on your needs. Her other superpowers? A mix of passion and emotions and fighting for what’s right – as long as she’s had a cup of cold coffee