Grand Master

Suzanne Sayegh

Regional Client Relations Manager


UAE / Lebanon

“Welcome to WonderEight. It’s a great day to go places together!” ... Suzanne joined WonderEight in 2013, and it was clear since Day 1 that this would turn into a family affair. Her official duties include handling incoming leads from all around the world and kickstarting each of our collaborations, thus splitting her months between Beirut and Dubai. Behind the scenes, she’s also in charge of organizing internal and external events – whether a terrace happy hour or our participation in exhibitions from Chicago to Dubai and KSA. Suzanne started her career at the Internal Agency of International Fairs and Promotions (IFP) with a portfolio spanning Saudi real estate and American pharma companies. When one of her clients offered her a position, she decided to discover how things worked on the other side, spending 5 years at MSD. Then she landed on our doorstep and never looked back since! Working at WonderEight allows Suzanne to spend more time in the UAE, where she has all of her childhood memories. The agency also acts as a good platform for her to put to use her listening skills. And well, we love hearing about her daughter, attention-seeking dog, and the new restaurants and recipes she’s tried out.