Solange Saliba

Chief Accountant



“The best things in life can’t be counted. For the rest, there’s always an Excel sheet” ... Solange joined WonderEight in 2021. She’s the one responsible for all accounting activities, managing payments to suppliers, working on reconciliations, and cooperating with external auditors… She’s also the one making sure we get our salary at the end of each month. Hence the love and heart emojis she receives around the 30th. Prior to becoming a Wonderian, Solange was a senior accountant at Abillama Chaya Industrial Design. Then she went on occupying the Chief Accountant position at Maisons Et Parquets, where she helped the company expand and maintain squeaky clean financial records and comply with all regulations and procedures. And now she helps us do the same. Solange juggles her WonderEight tasks with a second full-time job: raising three wonderful human beings and the source of her happiness. When she’s not spending time with them, you can find her inventing recipes and trying to turn them into proper dishes!