Sitah Al Dossari

Community Manager



“Sharing an idea turns it into a message. And this is how we change the world, one story at a time.” ... Seetah joined WonderEight in 2021, working her everyday magic to help our clients look, sound, and feel real online. This includes fleshing out monthly content calendars, deciphering metrics and analytics to let you know how things are going, answering followers’ queries, and running the accounts on a daily basis. Now this one’s journey to becoming a Wonderian is unlike anyone else’s. It all started when Seetah took part in a huge competition we organized in partnership with one of our clients. She dazzled the jury with her marketing campaign and won a three-month training course to hone her skills. After that, it was a total no-brainer, and Seetah joined the team. When she’s not working on establishing brands online presence, Seetah’s curious streak has her researching and discovering new things or involved in social projects. Or taking pictures, but you might have guessed that already!