Samer Itani

IT Officer



IT Officer – Soft spot for Hardware “ Did you try turning it off? Unplugging it? Hitting it lightly? Ok, I’m on my way.” ... Samer joined the WonderEight adventure in 2022. He’s the one making sure the tech doesn’t let us down, from computers to backups, servers to hardware and equipment. Yes, you’ve guessed it: he’s the one we call for anything and everything that’s not working. Samer graduated from Beirut’s American University of Science and Technology with a BS in Information and Communications Technology then decided to specialize in cybersecurity. He’s worked in IT for several companies because landing at our doorstep, and still found the time to launch his own small business – selling custom-made mirrors online. When he’s not answering our weirdest tech questions, Samer fuels on football matches, swimming sessions, hunting trips, and drifting competitions. He’s always up for trying something new. Double points if it entails an adrenaline rush!