Rebecca Bader




“The best financial advice also applies in life: surround yourself with Assets, Not Liabilities.” ... Rebecca joined WonderEight in 2018 as an accountant. In a nutshell, she is the one making sure clients actually pay us for our hard work, keeps track of what we need to pay, deals with the banks, handles the cash, and manages trip expenses – which results in chasing the traveling team quite a lot! This one began her professional journey after obtaining a BS in Audit and Accounting. It’s hard to believe that WonderEight is her first job since she hit the ground running since Day 1. And because she never really stops learning and expanding her knowledge, a certificate in Management Accounting from MFI is currently on the way. When she’s not breezing through her to-do list with her renowned determination, Rebecca likes spending time outdoors. A camping trip, a hike, and beautiful scenery; that’s all she needs to recharge her batteries and crush it come Monday.