Ray Hechme

Senior Videographer



“I have no social media account, but it doesn’t mean we can’t break the Internet together!” ... Rey joined Tasweer, WonderEight’s sister company and very own studio, in 2021 with the aim of making sure not one speck of creativity is lost from the ideation to the execution of your brand’s campaign. From humor to emotions, fun to down-right awe-inspiring, Rey will weave the shots that tell your brand’s story, one frame at a time. It would be hard to believe that this one’s career path started very far from camera lenses, but Rey was actually striving to become a pilot. When that didn’t work out, he studied transportation design – yes, really: cars and boats and trucks – before becoming a videographer. Ever since this change of heart, he’s notably worked with sports retailers and gyms, Internet providers, and A-list celebrities. Both on set and in real life, Rey fuels on human interactions. He also always has a funny pun or story up his sleeve, which is, according to WonderEight standards, the best way to break the ice and set the stage for success.