Rasha Noureddine

HP Officer



“You look like you need to rest. Let me check how many days off you got left!” ... Rasha joined the WonderEight team in 2022 after wowing everyone during an internship which culminated in her making origamis for all of the company’s parents. But her official tasks include working on making sure there’s a trace of Wonderian in all new recruits, keeping track of our whereabouts and annual leaves, and infusing the office with her sun-soaked energy. Before landing in WonderEight, Rasha studied psychology at the American University of Beirut. She then went on working as a shadow teacher for a five-year-old child with Autism, while interning in hypnotherapy and taking on several certificates in Theta Healing. When she’s not unearthing and making a list of all the small details no one else can seem to notice, Rasha is probably discovering new music or figuring out what her next tattoo will be. She’s also a pro at binge watching Netflix without needing a break.