Mona Youssef

Regional Administration Manager



“The road to achieving administrative greatness is paved with positivity, smile, ingenuity, and a knack to solve last-minute problems.” ... Mona started her Wondereight journey in 2018 as the agency’s administrative focal point. She’s the one making sure we always catch the right plane and arrive where we need to be right on time, but also manages all of WonderEight’s offices across time zones. So it’s safe to say that “handling issues” is always on her to-do list. It all started with a BA in Business Management. Then her academic skills were further enriched by her experience working as part of Emirates Airline’s cabin crew, where learning how to work under pressure is pretty much considered as a welcome gift. Needless to say that no Wonderian working from the Beirut office can start their day without being welcomed by her morning greetings and radiant smile. Plus, she seems to have contacts for any and all requests and needs we might have… and a supernatural capacity to answer text messages in 2.4 seconds.