Mary Mrad

Senior Animator



“The world is in constant movement – so your brand should be too.” ... Mary joined WonderEight in 2020. Armed with her skills and software, she’s the one working on bringing our creatives’ storyboards and designers’ still images to life by animating graphics and complementing them with the visual effects that do each idea and project justice. Because we all know digital content creation needs more and more of that extra oomph to cut through the online noise. After obtaining her degree in Multimedia, Mary started her professional journey as a motion graphic artist at MTV Lebanon. She spent more than 10 years working with the TV station before landing at our doorstep. And we couldn’t have been happier to have her take a moment to look up from her screen and considering switching industries! Despite working behind a huge screen during the day – and sometimes through the night, Mary is also super handy with pens, papers, canvases and paintbrushes. Also, she’s known for recharging her batteries by engaging in all sorts of outdoor activities: from swimming to surfing, hiking & biking. Just her, nature and a great playlist!