Lujain Al Angri

Social Media Manager



“Live, learn, and find your own way of doing things – from singing the songs that mean to you to creating the products only you can create.” ... Lujain joined WonderEight in 2020, adding her own special touch to the office habits and clients social media accounts. From fleshing out content Calendars to tracking progress through monthly reports and taking care of the behind-the-scenes work that makes the magic happen, she’ll wrap your brand in a bundle of creativity and have it shine online. Before landing in WonderEight, Lujain studied Media and Communication at the Al-Imam University’s Department of Public Relations. But the learning didn’t stop there, as Lujain’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge have her jump on any occasion to develop her skills and discover new ones. Also, despite her work being digital, Lujain is also a great painter – combining the best of both online and offline worlds.