Joseph Khater

Senior Web Developer



“Forget the words you speak outside this door. Here we just talk code.” ... Joseph joined us in 2013. Since then, he has led and managed our development team, helping the WonderEight tech experts grow and harness the cyber skills needed to create shiny websites and apps. He’s also in charge of making sure each one of our projects is executed according to plan, looks its best and works without a glitch. Joseph’s journey starts with a BS in computer science. He then went on pursuing an MBA focusing on project and operation management; hence his capacity to juggle different aspects of a single multifaceted project. His portfolio notably includes a portal for STC as well as websites and apps for PepsiCo, Redbull, L'Oréal, and Eurosport. But don’t be fooled by the techie job description. This one mostly recharges his batteries outdoors, with his favorite hobbies including hunting and fishing. Ok he’s into gaming and trading too – and those do bring him back to his screen.