Jackie El Azzi

Account Manager



Jackie El Azzi Account Manager – Chaser of sunsets and Opportunities “Welcome aboard our plane. This is your brand speaking. Fasten your seatbelts, we’re about to take off.” ... Jackie joined us in 2023 as an Account Manager. With her knack for identifying new avenues of growth for clients, her primary focus is to propel brands and businesses to new heights, making sure our team and yours are aligned every step of the ways.. Armed with a degree in marketing and communication, Jackie began her career in corporate sales but soon shifted her focus to the advertising industry. From developing successful e-commerce platforms with FeerMcqueen to collaborating with Bold – a Saudi boutique agency, her track record includes diverse and exciting projects, such as the Noor Riyadh Festival. In her free time, Jackie indulges her passion for travel, drawing inspiration from different cultures and lifestyles. Because wanderlust and Wonderian often come hand in hand.