Hasan Jaber

Social Media Manager



“I remember what your competition posted in 2016, have a clue about what they think will work next spring, and know how to beat them.” ... Hasan joined the team in 2021, landing in a burst of laughter and social media lore. Since then, he’s been translating clients’ essence and values into content calendars and online campaigns, staying on top of trends and always finding new ways to bridge the gap between brands and their online target audience. You’d be surprised – well, we were – to know that Hasan actually started his professional path as a medical representative. After encouraging his old employer to start an in-house online marketing leg and establish its presence on social media, he handled the company’s calendars and online activity. Just like that, Hasan had found his calling! Trainings and several digital gigs ensued, working for clients such as Lipton Ice Tea, Pert Plus, the National Mental Health Program, and Henkel Brands both in Dubai and Lebanon. Beyond his capacity to turn any situation into your next favorite meme, Hasan can find a video reference for any show/interview/viral video ever archived. And trust us, it does come in handy.