Ghina Ashkar

Content Writer



“Drinking tea, getting lost down the rabbit hole, and teasing everyone along the way – those are all part of the writing process.” ... Ghina joined WonderEight in 2020 and was entrusted with the very exciting mission of writing on behalf of our company. Which means she wrote these bios, among other things of course. To give all the voices inside her head a place to grow and have fun, she does the same for clients when they need something that goes beyond the everyday post on social media. Ghina has worked with startups, retail groups, banks, non-profits, cultural foundations, media figures, advocacy groups, film festivals and entrepreneurs. She’s helped each company, brand and project sound like its true self across offline and online media. When she’s not frenetically putting other people’s thoughts into words, Ghina is most probably listening to music, pursuing one of her weird goals, or trying to convince someone of the great benefits of fried chicken, time away from their screen, and a Taylor Swift album on their mental health and overall wellbeing. A mission that is mostly bound for failure.