Gail Saab

Senior Art Director



Senior Art Director – Visuals that Making Waves “A single act of carelessness can lead to an eternal loss of beauty” ... Gail joined the WonderEight adventure in 2023 as a Senior Art Director. She’s one of the creative minds crafting our clients’ visual universe. This means working on anything from a full-fledged campaign to the design of a website and creating the visual language of a new brand . Gail graduated from ECV Paris (Ecole de Communication Visuelle) in 2013 with a Masters degree in Advertising and Digital Communication. She then worked in JWT Paris before moving to her home country, Lebanon, for the first time. That’s when she joined Interesting Times, where she worked on clients such as Red Bull, Cadillac, Ooredoo, Motiongate, Uber, and Ballentines. Another four years honing her skills at Wonderman Thompson and she finally landed at our doorstep! When she’s not rummaging through her creative toolbox, Gail can be found well, getting creative, but at home. Some dancing, a bit of piano, time spent working on a sculpture or painting. But she also gets outdoorsy sometimes so you might see her on the slopes or trying to catch a wave.