High Chief

Elie Al Marji

Regional Creative Director




“A great creative idea knows no limits. It has the power to transcend cultures, boarders, and technologies.” ... Elie joined WonderEight in 2017 and has been behind most of the agency’s aha moments and bursts of creativity and laughter. On any given day, this one can be found tackling creative challenges with his now famous passion and championing diversity, equity, and inclusion every step of the way. After obtaining his Masters in Communication Arts and Marketing at the Lebanese University, Elie quickly found his stride in the advertising world. His talent notably led him to be selected for the 2012 Young Lions Creative Academy, where he received training sessions from top industry creative leaders such as Bob Isherwood and Sir John Hegarty. Today, his portfolio includes projects for local and international brands like Pepsico, Mentos, Smint, Toyota, Vivienne Westwood, Harvey Nichols, First National Bank and Reebok. To Elie, no design challenge can’t be tamed. He’s set on finding the human truth behind every idea and exploring new ways to connect and resonate with people. His best ally? Stories that speak to all your senses and emotions, whether for clients’ needs or chilling on the terrace.