High Chief

Elias Rouhana

Global Finance Director




“Reputation is your most valuable and vulnerable asset - Michael Kouly said it and I live by it!” ... Elias has been with us since 2019. He’s the one in charge of tax consultancy, financial data quality control, ERP management, financial reporting analysis, consolidation, etc… All things we are not at all well versed in! Elias studied finance and accounting at the Lebanese University. He’s Worked 11 years at Aishti, notably as part of the team that opened Aishti Kuwait where he spent 3 years as a Chief Accountant. He came back to the motherland in 2012 and stayed with the group till 2018. He then went on to work for Socodile Holding as a finance manager for a year and a half before finding his way to us and becoming our finance guru and core Wonderian. Depending on which year it is, Elias can be found either touring all of Lebanon’s restaurants or spending 3h at the gym and following a super strict diet. But regardless of his food funk, he’s always got a basketball match on, is cheering for the German football team and stepping on his son’s legos.