Cindy Kesserwany

Senior Account Executive



“True balance lies somewhere between the strategies to win a heart-racing chess game and the thrill of taking a leap of faith.” ... Cindy joined us in 2022. As part of the client servicing team, she acts as a bridge between clients and creatives, making sure everyone is on the same page and ready to make the magic happen every single time we’re presented with a brief. Funny enough, this one graduated with a law degree before doing a full 180 and working in communication and social media at a travel agency. She then decided to switch to agency life, which got her one step closer to ending up with us. However, the coolest project she’s been a part of so far is probably co-founding Assistance from a distance, an initiative providing food boxes to families in need. When she’s not working, you’ll find Cindy hogging the remote control whenever an educational documentary is on. Other hobbies include running, reading, and occasionally cooking. We heard her burritos are nothing short of legendary!