Charbel Yammine

Senior Art Director



“The brighter your brand shines, the harder it is to forget. Let’s make you unforgettable.” ... Charbel joined WonderEight’s creative team in 2018. By striking the perfect balance between communication and design, he provides our clients with on-point visuals that get the message across and never fail to make a great impression. After obtaining his degree in Graphic Design, Charbel went on working at TBWA for 6 years, then moved to Spirit and Mindspace. His portfolio notably includes major international brands such as Kit Kat, Kellogg’s, Nissan, Standard Chartered Bank and others. Then he landed at our doorstep, taking brands under his wing like they were his own projects to grow. When he’s not juggling deadlines and turning briefs into visual elements, Charbel recharges his batteries by enjoying a good football game. But his extra-WonderEight activities also include less mainstream hobbies such as collecting coins and playing the harmonica!