Abir Chami

Senior Social Media Manager



“All you need is a destination, a bike, and a tune to hum,” ... Abir joined WonderEight in 2019. She’s the one supervising the social media troupes so that clients’ content calendars look like stars on a red carpet and is also in charge of fleshing out the squeaky clean analytics reports you’ll receive at the end of each month. Abir has worked as both a one-woman-show and a Team Lead, on both clients’ side and with agencies. She started out studying Biology for just one semester before switching to Marketing and ending up creating digital ads and monitoring online campaigns. In 2018, she topped it all off by enrolling in a Graphic Design program. So needless to say, this one has always been a juggler at heart. Rumor has it Abir has been holding a camera since she’s 13 and *loves* to play with filters and colors. She can also solve a Rubik’s Cube in 37 seconds, but that’s for another story!