Roger's Diner

Just another diner? Not quite. With more than 2,084 different American Diner concepts out there, good food and a prime location aren't enough anymore. If you want to stand out, your new diner has to have a story, a theme, from head to toe... or as we say 'from the name to the nametag'. We started with a long research to find a theme that is unique and that will be accepted by the local culture in Qatar. Between motorcycle gangs and aviation, the latter won the most votes.

We applied the theme from the name (Rogers), to the architecture (wing-shaped bar, engine fans and reactor lights), down to the very last detail on the waiter's outfits andname tags (Air man, sergeant, officer...).

  • TASK Total Brand Creation
  • REGION Qatar
  • CREATED 2010
Roger's Diner