Come As You Are

No, There’s no right or wrong way to be.

Lazy, Loud, Beauty spots, Wearing all black when it’s hell hot.
The one with beginners luck And last, but not least.

Tried normal, Tested boring, Survived third wheels and third dates
Even when some thought you were going through a phase.

You know better, but now is too early for better.

Quitter or small talk lover, Catching up with time or challenging the trend setters

Fighting office hours or yes, loving the power.

Gemini, Vegan, Or street smart, Slim-fits, Fresh ink, and secret meets above sinks

Comebacks, New gangs, Scream surprise!

Break ups, And here’s to never hiding love bites.

You’ve Come a long way to be you, So, yes, there’s no right or wrong way to be, There’s just you and me.

33 years and the invitation still stands, Crepaway, come as you are.

  • TASK 360 Campaign
  • REGION Lebanon
  • CREATED 2017
Come As You Are