Al Hatab Bakery

The Brief:

Al Hatab Bakery needed a complete identity revamp. This included relooking their brand identity, identifying their positioning and overall brand language to create effective branding and communication guidelines. They had been serving deliciousness from Al Qassim, KSA, for 10 years, however it was time to rebuild the brand with an international look & feel, suited for expansion and franchising.

The Solution:

We started our work with extensive market research to understand what elements of their brand had equity we needed to leverage. The brand, photography, corporate identity, website, logo, menu design, and other key ingredients started to bake. Pinpointing the brand essence, we created the identity using a customized calligraphic typeface and an iconic wooden shape to reflect authenticity, uniqueness, and history mirroring the actual meaning of the brand name (Al Hatab means wood). The brand’s color scheme was devised based on earth tones to showcase the freshness and natural goodness. The bakery’s interior established a strong synergy between the visual identity and the brand’s environment. The new brand look and feel was rolled out to every single facet: uniforms, fleet, facades, website, and more.

The Result:

An iconic brand was born that aptly met all the objectives. As soon as the first location with the full rebranding opened in Riyadh it directly became the best performing branch, boasting 40% higher sales figures than the old locations.

  • TASK Total Identity Revamp
  • CREATED 2016
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Al Hatab Bakery