WonderMarket at Beirut Design Week

On the occasion of this year’s Beirut Design Week 2017, we wanted to intrigue the audience and invite the visitors to wonder about the importance of branding and design in our everyday lives. Branding is often unnoticed and taken for granted because it’s so omnipresent that we stopped being aware of its existence.

A WonderMarket stand installation was created for that purpose, where all packaging displayed was blank. Although the shape of the packaging can hint for the kind of product it might hold, it is not enough for a consumer to confidently choose the product she or he is looking for and definitely not the exact brand they trust.

The stand also offers free lollipops in different colors inviting visitors to pick their favorite flavor. But what the visitors don’t know is that the lollipops only have one flavor. The colors are there to trick them to think they were picking strawberry red, or lemon yellow etc. This is the power of branding through color interpretation and psychology. This is branding taken to its minimal form yet maximum impact.

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