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Sep 2013

Design agency WonderEight counts Rocket and Classic Burger among its clients, both of whom have launched food trucks. “When a brand is already loved by customers and has a strong fanbase, it is recommended that it keeps its same branding strategy,” says Boudy Nasrala, WonderEight’s managing partner. “You need to create the same experience with fewer elements; with a mood and atmosphere that changes depending on the location the food truck is parked in and add, on top of this, the engineering constraints.”

“Although caterers may have more fluid menus, their branding strategy should likewise start with defining a unique selling point (USP). “If the food truck is new, it has to build the brand from zero by delivering an unforgettable experience… Branding isn’t only visual, but includes the whole experience… every detail should fit into the bigger promise, no matter what the food truck is selling.”

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